Bio-Matrix is available in two sizes of double compressed bags:  2.2 cubic foot double compressed bags with approximately 28 lbs of product per bag or the 55 cubic foot big shot bags with approximately 687 lb of product per bag.

Bio-Matrix can be used to:

  • May be used to pick up petrochemical spills on water
  • May be placed on water between booms to absorb excess contaminants
  • May be used to contain many chemicals and organic solvents leaked or spilled in plants or factories
  • May be used in the removal of contaminants from soils and embankments of waterways
  • Can be used as a filtering agent to clean hydrocarbon contaminants from water



Richardson ISD Testimonial

To whom it may concern,

About three years ago I witnessed an amazing demonstration of how Bio-Matrix worked on different types of hydrocarbons.  After purchasing the product for use at our maintenance facility, I was equally impressed wiht the results I saw when used in a real life application.

Maintenance work on school buses can be very messy at times and the clay based products we formerly used would only add to the problem and leave a big mess on the floor.  Since using Bio-Matrix, I continually get comments on how clean our workshop floor is compared to the other workshops that still use clay based products.  On top of this, the clay would not get rid of the problem and just move it from one place to another where it could eventually get back into the environment.

Bio-Matrix on the other hand totally absorbs whatever hydrocarbon gets spilled, locking them inside and can be swept up immediately.  The same Bio-Matrix can be used again on other spills until the product is totally saturated before being dumped.  When it is dumped, we now have the peace of mind that we are doing our part to take care of the environment, as Bio-Matrix totally breaks down the hydrocarbons and biodegrades it.

Bio-Matrix is not only a superior absorbent over the competition, but pound for pound it actually works out to cost even less than clay!  I would not hesitate in recommending Bio-Matrix to anyone at all for their absorbent needs.


John Kelly
Executive Director of Transportation
Richardson ISD