What makes our Pillows so efficient?

First they are filled with our high grade peat. Second, our Pillows are sewn in a way that excels over other peat brands that heat seal. The sewn seams allow the peat to "wick" between pockets, making sure you get the full use of your purchase.

The skin is also an absorbent material which is hydrophobic and is helpful when used in water applications. The skin will not allow water to be trapped in the Pillow which interferes with the Pillows performance.

Third, the Pillows comes with three compartments. This keeps the product evenly distributed for optimum efficiency.

Standard size is 18" x 18" x 3". Pillows contain approximately 2 lbs. of peat moss therefore can absorb approximately 2 gallons of hydrocarbons (oil based products).

Superb Socks

Our family of super absorbent socks and booms contain the same high grade of sphagnum peat moss. They combine the super absorbent qualities of peat moss with the strength of a polypropylene skin. These features allow our socks and booms to not only contain spills but clean up spills efficiently and effectively.

Other Uses for Bio-Matrix Socks and Pillows:

  • May be placed on water to remove & contain hydrocarbon spills.
  • Can be placed around or under machinery, which leak oils or fluids, for easy clean up and disposal.
  • Can be placed around areas in the workplace that become saturated with oils.
  • Can help contain & minimize free-flowing streams of liquid hydrocarbons.
  • Can be floated in boat bilge's to absorb fuel and oil leakage and reduce hazardous fumes.
  • Can be used where Bio-Matrix loose-fill would not be applicable due to dusting conditions.
  • Can be used in "flow through applications to purify and/or "polish" hydrocarbons from water.

Bio-Matrix filled Socks, Pads, and Booms Are Available in the Following Sizes and Configurations:

Part # Description
21400 18"x18"x3" Pillow (30) Case
21450 2" x 5' Sock (40) Case
21455 2" x 10' Sock (20) Case
21460 4" x 4' Sock (20) Case
21465 4" x 8' Sock (10) Case
21465C 4" x 8' Sock W/Ropes and Clips (10) Case
21470 8" x 10' Boom W/Ropes and Clips (3) Case
SamplePK 1 each of: (18"x18"x3" pillow, 2"x5' sock, 2" x10' sock, 4"x4' sock, 4"x8' sock, 4"x8'sock w/ropes and clips, 4"x10' sock w/ropes and clips, 8"x10' boom w/ropes and clips)

TxDOT Testimonial

I am a recent retiree from the Austin District, TXDOT with 26 years of service. From September 2004 until June 2008 I was the Austin District Incident Response Coordinator. In this capacity I was on call to respond to major roadway incidents, including fuel spills.

In early 2005 I began utilizing “Bio-Matrix” peat absorbent as an absorbent for fuel spills on state roadways within the Austin district. I soon learned that “Bio-Matrix” was far superior to other absorbent products as the first line defense when dealing with fuel spills.  Its timely application to asphalt roadway surfaces on many occasions was paramount to the preservation of that road surface. Its absorbent qualities saved the state countless dollars in asphalt milling as a result of major hydro-carbon spills. Not to mention its cost savings , absorption advantages, and lower disposal fees in comparison to the use of
conventional “kitty litter”.

On several occasions the quick application of “Bio-Matrix” was instrumental in preventing major environmental damage within the environmentally sensitive Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone and the sensitive Barton Creek watershed. Again I wholeheartedly
recommend “Bio-Matrix” peat absorbent as the premiere product for first line deployment for hydro-carbon remediation!

Robert H. Norment
Incident Response Coordinator, 2004-2008
Maintenance Operations
Austin District, TxDOT