The remediation of oil damage on land

Bio-Matrix is spread over the affected area as quickly and evenly as possible to a sufficient depth to allow for immediate absorption. After use the absorbent/spill mix should be swept up and containerized for removal; either to be incinerated, land filled or land farmed.

Absorption times are, typically:

Item Absorbed Amount of Time for Bio-Matrix to Absorb
Petrol/Gasoline 2 seconds
Gas-Oil 5 seconds
Engine Oil 20 seconds
Blood 30 seconds
Light Crude Oil 60 seconds
Heavy Crude Oil 90 seconds

The remediation of oil damage on standing water

Bio-Matrix should be scattered across the surface of the water to a sufficient depth so as to ensure that full absorption will take place. Typically absorption times will increase by 15% over land use applications. After use the absorbent will have a tendency to form a mat windborne to the downside of the water surface, from where it can be recovered.


Bio-Matrix will burn to a residue of less than 2% of its original volume. Bio-Matrix can also be land filled or land farmed into a usable compost. Bio-Matrix may be the only oil absorbent containing humic acid which aids in the biodegradation of hydrocarbons through microbial activity. As a result of its natural capillary capacity Bio-Matrix on contact absorbs hydrocarbons or other pollutants such as PCBs very quickly and encapsulates the pollutants indefinitely. Used Bio-Matrix will not leech or discharge used pollutants, making it clean and easy to handle, and has passed the Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedures (TCLP) test with oil.

If conditions do not permit burning (yes, you can often burn the encapsulated spill right on the water), Bio-Matrix can easily be collected from the water surface by scoops or nets. Bio-Matrix can be swept up, shoveled or vacuumed after it has been used.

Limited Warranty

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Addison Fire Department Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern:

The Addison Fire Department has been using Bio‐Matrix oil and gas absorbent for a year and a half. Previously, we would use a clay based product, similar to kitty litter, for all emergency calls. However, we had a huge problem. The clay would end up in a pile on top of the spill rather than absorb the oil or gas. We were just covering the spill up and the clay product wasn’t absorbing, but adhering to it.  With Bio‐Matrix we not only have a product that absorbs the spill, it also encapsulates the oil making it easier to dispose of because it will not leach. We actually carry 10 gallon buckets of the product in our front line trucks and our ladder truck. We have used this product not only for road accidents but also on calls to the Addison Airport where there are occasional aviation fuel spills of the Jet A and AvGas fuel type inside the hangers. Bio‐Matrix works extremely well to clean up the spills and is non‐abrasive to this sensitive aircraft environment.

All in all, we have been tremendously pleased with how the product works. We also understand that people are now putting a bigger emphasis on pollution and Bio‐Matrix allows us a way to handle spills and protect the environment at the same time.

David Benson
Deputy Chief of Operations, Addison Fire Department