Bio-Matrix is used for environmental spill cleanup and remediation purposes by fire departments, industries, airports, railways, transportation companies, garages and service
stations, oil refineries and distribution facilities, oil wells and drilling rigs, and from marine vessels to harbors; the list is endless!

Bio-Matrix is used to filter industrial wastes, untreated effluents, heavy metals, algae, and polluted industry and mining remnant wastes.

For industrial and home use, Bio-Matrix absorbs PCB’s, oil based paints, inks and dyes, animal fats, vegetable oils and blood.

Due to its high vapor suppression capacity, Bio-Matrix is able to greatly reduce combustible vapors eliminating the chance of an explosion. In the case of gasoline, 90% vapor suppression is commonly achieved.

Some of the substances Bio-Matrix can safely encapsulate:

Animal Fats Acetone Cyclohexane Methyl Methacrylate
Blood Acetone Cyanohydrin Dichlorobenzene Napthalene
Bunker C Oil Acrolein Dichloromethane 2-Nitroaniline
Crude Oils Alcohols 1,2-Dichloroethane Nitrobenzene
Cutting Oils Allylchloride Ethanol Pentane
Cyanide Wash Acetonitrile Ethyl Benzene Pentachlophenol
Diesel Fuels Amyl Acetate Ethyl Ether Phenol
Dyes Avgas 100/130 Ethylene Glycol Phenol (48% in acetone)
Gasoline/Petrol Benzene Heptane Petroleum Ether
Heavy Metals Butanol Hexane Propanol
Herbicides Butyl Acetate Hexachlorobenzene Scintillation Liquid
Inks Butyric Acid Hexachlorobutadene Silicon Oil (100 CS)
Jet Fuels 2-Butanone Hexachloroethane Tetrachloroethane
Kerosene/Paraffins Bromodichloromethane Hexane (97%) Tetrachloroethylene
Motor Oils Bromoform Isobutanol Tetrahydrofuran
Oil Base Paints Canola Oil Isoprene Toluene
PCBs Carbon Disulphide Isopropanol Triethylamine
Pesticides Carbon Tetrachloride JP/7 Trichloroethylene
Styrene Chloroform Methanol Trichlorophenol
Solvents Chloromethane Methylene Chloride Vinyl Acetate
Varsol Chlorobenzene Methyl Ethyl Keytone Vinyl Chloride
Vegetable Oils Corn Oil Methylphenol Xylenes

TxDOT Testimonial

I am a recent retiree from the Austin District, TXDOT with 26 years of service. From September 2004 until June 2008 I was the Austin District Incident Response Coordinator. In this capacity I was on call to respond to major roadway incidents, including fuel spills.

In early 2005 I began utilizing “Bio-Matrix” peat absorbent as an absorbent for fuel spills on state roadways within the Austin district. I soon learned that “Bio-Matrix” was far superior to other absorbent products as the first line defense when dealing with fuel spills.  Its timely application to asphalt roadway surfaces on many occasions was paramount to the preservation of that road surface. Its absorbent qualities saved the state countless dollars in asphalt milling as a result of major hydro-carbon spills. Not to mention its cost savings , absorption advantages, and lower disposal fees in comparison to the use of
conventional “kitty litter”.

On several occasions the quick application of “Bio-Matrix” was instrumental in preventing major environmental damage within the environmentally sensitive Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone and the sensitive Barton Creek watershed. Again I wholeheartedly
recommend “Bio-Matrix” peat absorbent as the premiere product for first line deployment for hydro-carbon remediation!

Robert H. Norment
Incident Response Coordinator, 2004-2008
Maintenance Operations
Austin District, TxDOT