Bio-Matrix is an all natural 100% organic, lab-tested, field proven, industrial absorbent that is economical, efficient, non-toxic, non-leaching and in it's natural state is already biodegraded. The inherent capillary action of the activated peat provides a powerful wicking action and encapsulates oils, solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and all other organic chemicals on contact.

Bio-Matrix suppresses vapors and absorbs hydrocarbons on land or water, in dry or wet conditions, and does not require specially trained technicians or high tech equipment for handling or disposing of the spent peat.

Bio-Matrix weighs little and affords users the ability to carry more, clean up more, and save on transportation and disposal costs.

Bio-Matrix that is used will not leech or discharge used pollutants, making it clean and easy to handle.

Bio-Matrix that is used can be incinerated or disposed of in landfills or land farmed with no detrimental effects to the environment.

Bio-Matrix is the ideal host for use in the microbial degradation/bio-remediation of contaminated land. It also contains HAC, a natural organic catalyst that accelerates the process of microbial degradation bringing the soil back to its original condition in a fraction of the usual time frame.

Bio-Matrix as an energy source contributes 8,400 BTUs per lb./18,500 per kilo weight of product, excluding absorbed hydrocarbons, and burns to a residue of less than 2% of it's original volume.

Bio-Matrix is available in double compressed bags, in booms, socks, cushions and pads, in various combinations of spill kits, and in customized filtration and bio-remediation treatment packages. Some examples are shown below:

Sphagnum peat moss is only found north of the 49th parallel and has the highest moisture absorbency characteristics of all the known peat mosses. In its natural state in the Bio-Matrix “Fison” peat bogs of Park land County, Alberta, each lb/kg of sphagnum moss retains from 9 to 14 lbs/kg of water.  Bio-Matrix Canada Inc. then cultivates this high grade 90% moisture content raw resource to a +/- 60% content through bog preparation and aeration. It is then carefully harvested, screened, and brought to our Entwistle plant where our specialized heat treatment and air drying process reduces the moisture content to +/- 10%. At this level the peat fibre’s water retention features change so that its cellular structure now becomes singularly hydrophobic (resistant to water) and has a natural affinity to absorbing and encapsulating hydrocarbons. This activated peat is then double compressed into 2.2 cubic foot (30 lbs) and 55 cubic foot (687 lb) bags for shipment.

General oil spillage

  1. The choices are: Landfilling, Landfarming or Incineration. The choice here was "Landfarming" oil and chemical dump site
  2. After applying a 3 to 1 ratio of product and blending with the soil, the oil is immediately encapsulated by Bio-Matrix, safely containing the spill, it now will no longer spread or leach.
  3. Moisture (Water), Heat (Sun) and Nitrogen is introduced to the mix.

Metabolic synthesis now occurs where the Nitrogen and the Enzymes in the soil combine to achieve the "Landfarming" of the soil.

Method Of Use:
HARD SURFACES - Scatter Bio-Matrix on spill, allow time to absorb and sweep it up. No hosing down or detergent required.

ON WATER - Scatter Bio-Matrix and allow to "cake". Pick off manually or use a suitable wet suction recovery extractor leaving the water crystal clear.

Bio-Matrix Demonstration:

  1. A "cocktail of highly flammable liquid is poured into a test pan at a local Fire Station to demonstrate the qualities of Bio-Matrix. Natures own Oil & Chemical absorbent.   
  2. Bio-Matrix is spread over the affected area, encapsulating the liquid and in the process suppressing the dangerous vapors by up to 90%.
  3. Flames are then passed over the test area; no ignition occurs proving that Bio-Matrix has successfully encapsulated the highly flammable liquid.
  4. Chemicals treating chemicals is not the answer! They are costly, dangerous to handle, both before and after the treatment process. Bio-Matrix is the natural environmental alternative, because of it's unique encapsulation qualities not found in other products. Bio-Matrix is one of the only absorbents with landfill acceptance in the United States and Canada, global leaders in environmental management.


Addison Fire Department Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern:

The Addison Fire Department has been using Bio‐Matrix oil and gas absorbent for a year and a half. Previously, we would use a clay based product, similar to kitty litter, for all emergency calls. However, we had a huge problem. The clay would end up in a pile on top of the spill rather than absorb the oil or gas. We were just covering the spill up and the clay product wasn’t absorbing, but adhering to it.  With Bio‐Matrix we not only have a product that absorbs the spill, it also encapsulates the oil making it easier to dispose of because it will not leach. We actually carry 10 gallon buckets of the product in our front line trucks and our ladder truck. We have used this product not only for road accidents but also on calls to the Addison Airport where there are occasional aviation fuel spills of the Jet A and AvGas fuel type inside the hangers. Bio‐Matrix works extremely well to clean up the spills and is non‐abrasive to this sensitive aircraft environment.

All in all, we have been tremendously pleased with how the product works. We also understand that people are now putting a bigger emphasis on pollution and Bio‐Matrix allows us a way to handle spills and protect the environment at the same time.

David Benson
Deputy Chief of Operations, Addison Fire Department